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Preferably, the completion fluid contains cesium formate as the alkali metal formate. More preferably, the completion fluid contains two or more alkali metal formates where preferably one of the alkali metal formates is cesium formate. A preferred combination of formates includes, but is not limited to, cesium formate with potassium formate.

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Oct 14, 2015 ·ʼn) Leasing cesium formate brine a business model that has won an award from the United Nations 10) Support provided by Cabot Specialty Fluids 11) A selection of field case histories from 50 fields where cesium formate brine has been used

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Cabot's highdensity cesium formate brine forms unique nondamaging drilling, completion, workover and well suspension fluids, reduces well construction costs and unlocks reservoir potential.

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Control experiments using a hematiteweighted water based field mud were also conducted. This paper presents the data with the authors analysis. In addition, the authors discuss related prior work. The fluid of interest consists of a 18.7 ppg Cesium Formate with additives for viscosity and fluid loss control.

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For these reasons, the ongoing qualifiion work on the formate brines intensified. Based on prior industry experience with formate drilling and completion fluids, and with various tests, it was then concluded that cesium/potassium formate was the preferred drilling and completion fluid. Experience with formate brines

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Cesium Formate. Cesium Formate is a high density brine that is used as a drillin, completion and intervention fluid for technically challenging wells. Appliion. Cesium Formate produces a low solids drillin fluid system that minimizes formation damage and is ideal for drilling technically challenging wells. Technical & Engineering Information

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Aqueous solutions of caesium formate (HCOOCs +)—made by reacting caesium hydroxide with formic acid—were developed in the mid1990s for use as oil well drilling and completion fluids. The function of caesium formate as a drilling fluid is to lubrie drill bits, to bring rock cuttings to the surface, and to maintain pressure on the

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Cesium formate 98% Synonym: Formic acid cesium salt CAS Number 3495361. Linear Formula HCOOCs . Molecular Weight 177.92 . Beilstein Registry Number 3912426 . EC Number 2224928. MDL number MFCD00039103. PubChem Substance ID 24866978


cooling in formate fluids. A new benchmarking study of 89 North Sea wells proves rigtime savings of up to 26 days when the optimum combination of well construction strategy and fluid type is chosen. Cesium and potassium formate fluids perform better than oilbased muds (OBMs) in both openhole and cased and perforated (C&P) well constructions.

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Apr 10, 2019 · Formic acid is the starting material for the production of potassium formate and cesium formate. When dissolved in water, these formate salts give a solution (formate solutions) of high density.* Advantages of formate solutions: Low corrosiveness Noncritical health, safety and environmental (HSE) profile Ecocompatible because they can be recycled (more than 90%

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PDF Formatebased fluids has been successfully used in over hunders HPHT well operations since they introduced in field practice. They have many advantages when compared with conventional HPHT

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Cesium formate brine is a very good hydrate inhibitor. Test results provide good indiion that cesium formate brine can outperform other wellknown hydrate inhibitors. This means that no hydrate inhibiting additives are needed when cesium formate is used for the

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Cesium Formate/Potassium Formate (CsCOOH)/ KCOOH) Blend. Potassium and Cesium Formate brines can be blended in densities from 13.1 lb/gal to 19.2 lb/gal. The fluids are blended to achieve the required density and TCT/PCT. Blending the cesium formate with potassium formate also reduces cost.

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Cabot Corporation's Cabot Specialty Fluids business unit to provide a supply of cesium formate fluids for both reservoir drilling and completion activities on two large gas and condensate field

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Operator wanted to be able to reuse the cesium formate brine. Total knew that it would not be possible to recover wellbore fluids during the initial stages of well cleanup with a conventional separator, and it wanted the very expensive cesium formate brine to be available for reuse.

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Specialty Fluids In our Specialty Fluids segment, you will find sustainable cesium formate oil and gas drilling fluids that provide optimum returns in challenging highpressure, hightemperature fields. This segment also includes highpurity cesium chemicals that enable alysis and are used as a strong base in the chemical production process.

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Apr 14, 2014 · Dear Ram Krishna Cesium formate brine is a clear heavy drilling and completion fluid that improves the profitability of HPHT field developments by reducing costs and enhancing production rates. For an overview of the cost benefits of cesium formate brine see my last three SPE papers 130376, 145562 and 165151.

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Cesium Formate drilling and completion fluid specialists. With over 20 years specialising in HTHP drilling and completion fluids including over 9 years as a senior manager with Cabot Specialty Fluids. We offer the most comprehensive independent expertise in Cesium Formate drilling and completion fluids worldwide.

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Technical Sales Director Cabot Specialty Fluids November 2004 – April 2011 6 years 6 months. Aberdeen, United Kingdom. Promoting the use of cesium formate brine as a drilling, completion and

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Formate Brine Ltd is a consultancy company providing. technical, commercial and business strategy advice on all. matters relating to the use of formate brines as well

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